The Museum of “Monastery of Preveli”

The Museum of “Monastery of Preveli”

Preveli Monastery, located just 37 km from Rethymnon consists of two monasteries:

The Lower Monastery (Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, or Saint John the Baptist), now abandoned, is a typical example of simple, everyday architecture.

The Rear Monastery (Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos) is a large group of buildings with a wonderful view over the Libyan Sea and has numerous relics which are exhibited in the monastery’s ecclesiastical museum.

Many of the rescued relics and images are displayed in the stylish museum inside the monastery. Saved a significant number of icons (about 100) from the occasional ornaments of the Catholic, the various Catholic churches and the Baptist.

The collections of the Monastery of Preveli include:

Collection of images
Collection of vestments
Collection of ecclesiastical vessels
Collection of relics
Many of the rescued holy relics and icons are exhibited in the beautiful museum inside the monastery. A considerable number of portable icons are preserved (about 100) that come from the decoration of the Katholikon, the various country churches and the Katholikon of the Precursor.

The collections of the Preveli Monastery include:

A collection of icons
Collection of vestments
Collection of ecclesiastical items
Collection of relics
The most important exhibits of the Monastery’s Museum are:

Sigillium in membrane, about the declaration of the Monastery as patriarchical, 1798
Blessing cross of gilded silver, colourful enamel and semi-precious stones, 1708
Silver-Coated Gospel, 1807
Gospel coated with gilded silver, 1847
Gospel with silver coat, 19th century
Gilded chalice, with cover, 1847
Collection of metal seals of the 19th century
Collection of metal brooches, 19th century
Collection of brocade vestments, 19th century
Collection of metal ecclesiastical items
Location: Chromonastiri, Rethymnon
Telephone: +30 28320 41444
Operation Hours: 09:00-16:00
Ticket Price (€): 2.5

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